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The 中北书院 战略计划


Since North Central’s founding in 1861, the vision of first president Augustine A. Smith has been at the core of the College’s values: “A college should be a great moral lighthouse, sending out a clear and steady light upon all subjects that pertain to the well-being of [humanity] in this world and the world to come.” While the context has evolved over time, it's hard to imagine a time when this vision for higher education is more important than today.

The 战略计划 is the result of collaboration from across all parts of the College to define the College’s collective vision for the future. 该计划包括核心价值, 愿景和使命宣言, and 19 strategies that support four strategic imperatives. 

It’s an inspirational plan that envisions 中北书院’s Brilliant Future.


中北书院 values a rigorous, student-centered education grounded in the liberal arts tradition with purposeful integration of professional studies and civic engagement. While at its core is a residential undergraduate institution, we value distinctive programs for graduate and non-traditional students. We govern ourselves in a shared model between faculty and administration, 由校董会监督, and value academic freedom in the development and delivery of our curriculum.

We are a diverse, inclusive, and global community. We are an engaging and mentoring educational community that nurtures a culture of curiosity and fosters life-long learning. We have rigorous expectations of all students, of faculty as teachers and scholars, and of staff as partners in student success. We value quality, respect, and collaboration.

We value the development of the intellectual, the physical, and the spiritual human being. To that end, we encourage 订婚了 civil discourse and dialogue on disparate viewpoints. We value the integration of the curricular, co-curricular, and athletic experiences. We value our alumni and their ongoing commitment to and engagement in our success. We value our affiliation with the United Methodist Church and its contribution to advancing the spiritual health of the campus in all its diversity.

We value our special and storied relationship with Naperville and the surrounding region as a community with which we share values of strong fiscal and environmental stewardship, an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit and a steadfast commitment to being destinations for success.


中北书院 will be a national model of a transformative undergraduate education, enhanced with distinctive graduate and professional programs, in all things steadfastly committed to a liberal arts tradition.


We are a diverse community of learners dedicated to preparing students to be curious, 订婚了, 道德, and purposeful citizens and leaders in local, 国家和全球背景.

战略储备问题 & 支持策略


Provide a dynamic and integrated educational experience that fosters student learning and success at 中北书院 and beyond.

多样性, 包容, Global Engagement

Thrive as a diverse, inclusive, and globally 订婚了 community,
preparing students for action and leadership in a complex world.


Be a College of destination, attracting exceptional faculty, students, staff and community partners.


Deliver exemplary operational and support services, committing to a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.